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*Drag map or use FIND (2 letter state abbrev) to position.
* recenter = recenter map on my location mylocation
*If map doesn't move, change browser.

*Touch colored symbol (NOT the name label) for a balloon with more info.
*Inside balloon, touch anything underlined.
*With Chrome, might have to touch and HOLD links for new tab.

*If you wish to add a garden review, add it to Yelp or Tripadvisor and we will access it from here.
*Comments, questions?  Email us

Green Square= garden
Blue squareblue = AHS reciprocity 
Green circleround = restaurant

AHS reciprocity (blue): Means this garden belongs to the American Horticultural Society (AHS) Reciprocal Admissions Program in 2014. A member of one participating garden gets benefits at all particiapting gardens - usually including free admission or parking as well as other benefits - call or visit the garden's web site to learn more.

Restaurant (round): Garden has a full restaurant or a snack facility (our data are not complete, some gardens may have restaurants we do not yet know about (code "UNK"= unknown ) - call or visit the garden's web site to learn more.